Next month the OpenDNS crew is headed to St. Louis for the EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference, and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s our second year attending the event, and we’re eager to gain a deeper understanding of the security issues facing Higher Education IT and security teams today. In addition to joining many of the sessions, we’ll be sponsoring the reception and hosting a table during the conference breaks.

Space invaders

Meet Ally and Erin & grab a cool t-shirt.

The agenda looks great (we’re really looking forward to the Security Smackdown session), which means that if you’re attending the event your schedule will likely be jam-packed. But, we hope you’ll take a few minutes and say hello to our team when you can. I’ll be there with Ally, our VP of Sales Marc Gemassmer, and our CEO David Ulevitch.

In fact, we thought of three great reasons why you should stop by our table!

  1. We want your feedback. The best way for us to ensure that the solutions we build are equipped to solve the problems unique to higher ed is by hearing directly from the people that face them every day. Tell us about the challenges you’re dealing with in rolling out malware protection solutions, and what you think it takes to effectively secure your students and faculty. 
  2. We have cool t-shirts. Hey, we know that your time is valuable, so if you stop by our table we’ll make it worth your while. We’re giving away our new Umbrella space invaders t-shirts to EDUCAUSE attendees. 
  3. Our pitch is really short. It’ll only take us a minute to tell you how Umbrella by OpenDNS secures leading colleges and universities against malware, without any hardware or proxies.

Even if you’re not able to make it to the EDUCAUSE Security Professionals Conference this year, we’d still love for you to see how we’re serving Higher Education IT and security teams today. Check out the Higher Education Solution Overview or leave an idea in the comments on how Higher Ed Web security should transform.


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