Umbrella Security Labs is still searching for smart, passionate people to join our security community and help keep the Internet safe for millions of OpenDNS users worldwide.

Similar to the Domain Tagging Community, which submits websites to be voted on, reviewed and categorized for any OpenDNS networks that utilize Web filtering, the security community focuses specifically on potentially malicious domains, which are similarly submitted and reviewed before eventually being categorized. 

Not just anyone can classify a malware domain. Simply loading the domain can put a user, their machine or device and their network at risk. That’s why we’re seeking the best and the brightest in security to join our elite crew. 

sec-com map

As you’ll note from the orange clusters on the map above, members of the Umbrella Security Labs community come from all over the world.  We have members in Australia, India, Africa, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and all over the United States. As you can imagine, security is a 24×7 job. So, having security community members in all time zones is key to minimizing the time it takes to uncover threats. 

We have some pretty awesome things lined up for the security community as well. We’ll soon be launching private forums for discussions with the Umbrella Security Labs research team, as well as awesome perks and unique merchandise for  top contributors.

If this sounds like something you would be genuinely interested in, then we would love to have you!  The application process is simple, just let us know why you’re interested

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