If you find yourself regularly asking how your business can finally get a step ahead of malware infections and data theft, you’re not alone. You’re in good company with security vendors, which work tirelessly to get a step ahead of threats. Unfortunately, there’s three reasons that most vendors end up chasing threats, rather than getting a step ahead:

  1. Most vendors first require a sample of a new threat’s appearance or behavior, which means patient zero’s device is infected, at the very least.
  2. Unlike malware, botnet controllers and phishing sites don’t have a “sample” that can be analyzed to create signatures or heuristics to match against.
  3. Most vendors lack enough Internet-wide data to discover and predict the new threat’s origins.

Moreover, there are two colliding phenomenons that make it even more difficult for security vendors to get (and stay) ahead of today’s threats:

More advanced threats are delivered through the cloud.

  • Malware is increasing in sheer volume. Variants and custom one-offs overwhelm traditional security solutions.
  • Phishing is more targeted, more effective on mobile devices, and even designed to trick specific individuals.
  • Botnets are leveraging more unprotected ports, protocols and mobile devices to bypass traditional security solutions.

Criminals have more opportunities to launch attacks.

  • There’s an extremely low barrier to entry for bad guys. It can be as simple as renting a botnet or buying an exploit kit.
  • Vulnerabilities are exploited long before the good guys even know about them, and we learn of these vulnerabilities almost every day.
  • The number mobile devices are exploding. Recent estimates range from 2-3 devices per person, on average.

But what if there was a way to shift from keeping up with threats, to actually preventing users from ever reaching them? Our upcoming webcast Malware: An endless battle or winnable war? is a thoughtful examination of how businesses can face sophisticated malware threats head on, without being burdened by yet-another security appliance.

The presentation will detail how traditional security vendors have failed to effectively secure businesses against these sophisticated threats and how cloud-delivered Network security, and predictive threat protection powered by Big Data analytics, creates an opportunity for you to start winning the war against advanced malware.

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