Big Data has become a dominant theme in Internet security today, as it has massive potential to help vendors shift from collecting and reacting to threats to actually predicting them. But how can you find out whether a vendor is actually using Big Data in a way that’s making your users more secure?

Below you’ll find five questions you can ask your Internet security vendor about Big Data that cut past the hype, and some answers you’ll likely receive. Without context, the potential answers might all sound great. For help reading between the lines, read the full tipsheet that includes an interpretation of each response. The full tipsheet also helps to differentiate between how anti-virus vendors, Secure Web Gateway providers and Firewall/UTM companies use Big Data today.

Big Data Tipsheet

To see a live demonstration of how the Umbrella Security Labs teams uses Big Data for predictive threat research, catch the on-demand webcast, Harnessing the Power of Big Data to Better Predict Advanced Malware, Botnet and Phishing Threats. Or, download the whitepaper.

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