Spring CleaningThe OpenDNS engineering, operations and research teams include some of the most talented and passionate engineers and developers on the planet. Our engineering team doubled in size over the past year and we’re still hiring aggressively. But with so many innovative companies in the Bay Area, what makes OpenDNS stand out as such a special place to work?

I asked our engineers and this is what they said:

1. We move fast. Even though OpenDNS is experiencing dramatic growth, we still boast a relatively flat corporate structure. That means great ideas are evaluated and implemented quickly, no matter where they come from.

“At large companies, you have ridiculous hoops to jump through if you want to contribute a new idea, service or build something. The process at OpenDNS is relatively painless. Engineers and operators can propose an idea or solution and then build and deploy it.” – George Patterson, Director of Operations (Dragon slayer)

“I love working for an organization where anyone can come up with solution to a problem, prototype it, present it and it’s given a fair chance to succeed. It doesn’t matter what position you’re in, you really can make an impact.” – Alex Ianchici, Sr. Software Engineer

“Things get done fast here. We’re constantly coming up with new ideas that get deployed quickly (but safely). It doesn’t take weeks or months to make major infrastructure changes.” – Andree Toonk, Sr. Network Engineer

“We work in small teams with an uncomplicated structure. This gives engineering the ability to make decisions, deploy to production, iterate and see results fast.” – Kris Foster, Sr. Network Engineer

2. We build amazing things. PhishTank, DNScrypt, The Global Internet Speedup, The Umbrella Security Graph, and the entire cloud-delivered Umbrella product line that’s transforming Internet security. And those are just the highlights. Working at OpenDNS means building innovative products, websites, services, and architecture that engineers are proud to put their names on.

“At OpenDNS I work on problems that are hugely complex and push the edge of modern systems to solve. Whether I’m mucking with the guts of our DNS resolvers, our data analysis cluster, or the VPN servers for our mobile solution, I know that I’m solving a problem or scaling a solution that probably hasn’t been solved before.” – Adam Phelps, Systems Engineer

“Not only do we invest in the right people to build amazing things, but OpenDNS is also willing to invest in cutting-edge technology and the infrastructure needed to solve interesting problems.” – Philip Morrison, Sr. Software Engineer

“Big Data, Hadoop, Scaling, Performance, Analytics, and other buzzwords actually get used in building better products and solutions.” – Sean MacDonald, Sr. Software Engineer

“This is truly a “full stack” company. It’s not just about a web framework, DB and browser. Here we work on everything. Core pieces of Internet infrastructure, big data clusters, high performance proxies. It’s very rewarding.” – Lev Brouk, Sr. Software Engineer

“I love that we’re a company with a conscience and a strong sense of doing the right thing for the world. See also: http://www.opendns.com/about/anti-censorship-policy/.” – Wei Jiang, Software Engineer

3. We work with really smart people. Our engineering team includes well-known inventors, Internet pioneers and published authors. There are countless ways to tackle challenges, and collaboration among these extremely talented people produces incredible results.

“Even working with many smart people with various levels of experience, people are treated with respect. Ideas are fairly heard.” – Lev Brouk, Sr. Software Engineer

“It can’t be done is not an acceptable answer here. I see more people personally raising the bar here than anyplace I’ve ever worked.” – Geoff Townsend, Software Engineering Manager

“As a recent college graduate, I love working at OpenDNS because I get to grow and collaborate with a fantastic group of people.” – Wei Jiang, Software Engineer

“We use a LOT of current/interesting technologies here. We have a big team with lots of people around to learn from. It’s easy to get different perspectives.” – Jessica Gadling, Sr. Software Engineer

4. The future looks bright. Whether your goal is to grow and manage a team, hone new skills, reach critical career achievements, or perfect your craft, OpenDNS has the resources and vision to make it happen. The company is growing rapidly, and expanding globally, so opportunity comes often.

“I’ve worn many, many, many hats at OpenDNS which has given me way more experience than I would have ever gotten at a much larger organization. In the early days, I covered about 6-7 roles that are now staffed full time. To some extent, I still do that today, but I’m working on things with a different kind of impact.” – George Patterson, Director of Operations

“Whatever I work on – it’s global. Our service touches more than 145 countries. One minute I can be working with someone in Prague, the next I’m talking to someone in Hong Kong. OpenDNS has major worldwide impact.” – Andree Toonk, Sr. Network Engineer

“I love working for a company where there is an all hands every week where every person in the company gets visibility into what’s going on. I love that I can talk to our CEO at any time.” – Philip Morrison, Sr. Software Engineer

“OpenDNS puts the effort into developing people. Myself and others have been promoted from within, and there is an eye toward growing strong contributors. This company values its people.” – Geoff Townsend, Software Engineering Manager

5. Waffles, Redbull, Food Trucks and Board Games. Our engineers are building a world-class service that 50 million people and 7,000 businesses rely on today. Keeping the kitchen stocked is the least we can do. Beyond that, OpenDNS is a place where smart people with great ideas and diverse personalities collide to create a remarkable culture.

“The culture here is amazing. Lots of smart, open people, with data-driven decision making. We’re all working on the things that really matter, and we do it as a team.” – Tasha Alfonso, Senior QA

“We couldn’t be in a better location. Compared to my previous job outside the city, getting in to work is incredibly easy by motorcycle, bus, or even on foot. And once here I’m close to a ton of great places to eat, and anything I want to do after work is close at hand. Not to mention, we have bookshelves filled with board games and plenty of gaming enthusiasts interested in playing them.” – Adam Phelps, Systems Engineer

You can follow along with OpenDNS on Facebook or Twitter, and if you think you’re a great fit for OpenDNS, check out our careers page to see our open positions.

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