In IT, the most effective tools are often also the most adaptive. We believe network security should work the way your business needs it to, and allow change to be simple. The new Umbrella Dashboard plays a huge role in making this happen.

When we launched the Umbrella product line in November of last year, we moved the Enterprise and Insights business security products under the Umbrella name. A major concern for us has been making sure all our customers get the same great OpenDNS experience in the updated dashboard. The goal is to keep management simple and intuitive, while also providing the features needed to make this cloud-delivered solution adapt for your environment.

We’re excited to tell you that we’ve now released the Whitelist-Only feature for the Umbrella Dashboard. It’s a feature not widely used, but Whitelist-Only is a great way to add extra security to the networks, devices, or individual users that need it. The feature will block the entire Internet, allowing only sites deliberately added to a whitelist.

Keep in mind, this setting is not for everyone. Blocking all sites and actively whitelisting safe ones may lead to many headaches depending on your organization or userbase’s need. However, if your organization wants to lock down the Internet to prevent data leaks or security breaches, a Whitelist-Only policy can keep specific servers or machines safer by preventing any outbound activity to unsanctioned sites.

For more info on how you can set up and use the Whitelist-Only feature, watch the video explaining the settings and features.

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