The Umbrella Security Labs team shared details during yesterday’s Big Data webcast on how we leverage the predictive threat capabilities of the Umbrella Security Graph to make connections between known malicious sites, and potentially malicious sites that have yet-to-be-discovered or categorized. This morning, several properties were compromised and found to be hosting an attacker toolkit designed to infect site visitors.

The Umbrella Security Labs research team set out to find sites that could potentially be associated with today’s attack that had yet to be identified as malicious, or that could potentially become malicious in the near future based on the evasion techniques of the clever cybercriminals involved.

Below you’ll find details on the Umbrella Security Labs research. You can follow @thinkumbrella on Twitter for updates on today’s threats or subscribe to the Umbrella Security Labs blog for more details on how Big Data mining is transforming Internet security.

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