When OpenDNS launched Umbrella Mobility and Umbrella Everywhere, and moved Insights and Enterprise under the Umbrella security services product line, many OpenDNS business security customers were transitions over to the new Umbrella Dashboard. Since the launch, the Umbrella Product Team has been rolling out new features to improve the functionality, speed and ease of use of the Umbrella Dashboard.

If you’re using the Umbrella Dashboard, you’ll notice some great new features this week. The Umbrella product team released a more intuitive policy wizard which makes it easier for IT admins to find and select who they want policies to apply to, and streamline the on-the-fly settings configuration for users, groups and devices. Check out Scott’s video demonstration below to see how it works, or take a product tour.

If you’re not yet using the Umbrella Dashboard, stay tuned. The product team is working hard to make sure that all OpenDNS business security customers can take advantage of the new provisioning and reporting functionality that the Umbrella Dashboard delivers.

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