2012 was an outstanding year for OpenDNS. We’ve shared a number of great stats about the health of our business and the great security company we’re building with the press, and I wanted to share them here, too.

We grew our enterprise sales by more than 100% for the third year in a row and we added more than 3,500 new businesses to our already amazing list of customers.

Speaking of amazing customers, more than 90% of you renewed for another year, and since some of you bought more from us, our annualized renewals came in at an extraordinary 97% of all possible dollars renewed.

This is a huge milestone for OpenDNS, and we credit much of the growth to Umbrella, our new line of business services that fills an emerging and growing gap in Internet security by securing both networks and users, wherever they are in the world.

Which brings me to products — and 2012 was a year where we shipped a number of new products that lay the foundation for us to execute against our company vision of helping people to connect with confidence – on any device, anywhere, any time.

In addition to OpenDNS Enterprise becoming Umbrella Enterprise, we shipped:

  • Umbrella Insights, providing integration with MS Active Directory.
  • Umbrella Mobility, providing encryption and Web security to roaming and mobile users.
  • Umbrella Everywhere, providing a unified way to manage your networks, roaming devices, and mobile devices under one web-based administrative portal.

We have always been focused on making the lives of IT, network and systems administrators easier, and we’ve consistently evolved our product offerings to better address their security needs. As we build the network security platform for the future, these pieces will play key roles in realizing that vision and helping us to deliver  world-class services to you.

Why share these kinds of numbers?

For a few reasons.  First, we’re proud of our growth, and that we’re growing by building a service people love to use. This growth allows us to make sure OpenDNS can continue to hire the most talented and passionate technology and security professionals in the world, and to innovate at a pace that keeps us ahead of threats, instead of trying to simply keep up. Second, we know our customers are putting a lot of trust in us when they use our service, and that’s trust we don’t take for granted.  When you use OpenDNS’s Umbrella security services, you’re in good company.

We also added a bunch of great talent to our team in 2012.  Our vision of providing a secure connection to workers everywhere helped OpenDNS attract world-class executives. Dan Hubbard, formerly of Websense, became our Chief Technology Officer, and rapidly built out a security research team (and Umbrella Security Labs) that is revolutionizing threat discovery, not just for us, but for the security community at large. We also hired Martin Johnson (formerly of Zscaler) as our Head of Marketing and Marc Gemassmer as VP of Worldwide Sales.

Letting the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Greater than 100% sales growth for third straight year.
  • Recognized an annual renewal rate of 97%.
  • Grew the OpenDNS team by 60%.
  • Moved to a new headquarters in SOMA, San Francisco, doubling our total office space.
  • Opened an office in downtown Vancouver, BC, with 15 fantastic people, and growing.

Thanks for helping to make 2012 a great year. I can’t wait to deliver better security and a few fun new things for you in 2013.

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