The new year is a great time to kick off fresh IT projects or resolve to improve the state of your networks. For some of you, that may include refreshing your Internet security program. Businesses, schools and governments are gaining confidence in cloud security at a rapid pace, and Internet security companies are adding a growing number of cloud-delivered malware protection and Web filtering offerings, so you might be asking if cloud-delivered security is right for your business. To ease the decision process, we compiled this cheat-sheet for evaluating appliance and cloud-delivered Internet security solutions.

We looked at five essential parameters for comparison: efficacy, mobility, scalability, reliability and manageability. In each category, we compared appliance-delivered security solutions, or Secure Web Gateways, with cloud-delivered security solutions, or Secure Cloud Gateways, that provide malware protection and Web filtering.


The Umbrella whitepaper, A five-point analysis of appliance vs. cloud-delivered security, expands the summary you see above to answer your toughest questions about Internet security delivery platforms. Download the whitepaper now to get all the details.


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