Today’s Umbrella webcast, Redefining Security for Nomadic Workers, had more registrants than any other webcast in OpenDNS history. To us, this is a huge indicator of the challenges facing IT as admins seek to secure both the core corporate network and the nomadic users that roam on and off the protected network using any number of personal or corporate-owned devices.

You can view the full recorded webcast here. It’s about 35 minutes, and addresses the following topics:

  1. How work has changed due to BYOD and nomadic workers.
  2. New threats facing IT because of this nomadic style of work, including the expanding threat surface.
  3. Traditional solutions and their shortcomings.
  4. An overview of Umbrella, and how it’s different.
  5. Interview with Randy Raw, Network Security Director for Veterans United and Umbrella customer.
  6. Q&A resulting from the discussion, including information on the Umbrella product roadmap.

If you’re the IT admin type who likes to kick the tires before getting a demo or starting a trial for your organization, you can purchase a single-user license of Umbrella Mobility for $20 through our online store. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter at @getumbrella.

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