One of IT’s biggest challenges is providing always-on security for devices that roam off the corporate network. But it seems like much of the time the conversation comes down to BYOD. We think the conversation is much more complex.

The work-everywhere era has also given way to the work-anytime era, and that’s true regardless of whether devices are user-owned or company-owned. Users are checking email, accessing data, writing code and finalizing projects and presentations at all times of day, from wherever they work. And there’s a flip side to this. They’re also accessing the same devices they use for work for social media, online shopping and bill pay, streaming media and other personal activities. While IT admins want to ensure ubiquitous security protection, enforcing acceptable use policies for accessing inappropriate or bandwidth-heavy content may not be warranted outside of the office, especially if it means asking a user to hand over their personally-owned device.

So what’s an IT admin to do? Our recent whitepaper, 7 Things You Need to Know to Secure Nomadic Workers, assesses a few of the options available today and offers best practices for deploying flexible security and policy enforcement.

You can download the whitepaper, or join us for a webcast on Nov. 28.


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