A few years ago I was invited to co-chair the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) annual report, Top Threats to Cloud Computing. With the Top Threats report due for its third iteration, I really wanted to push the boundaries of what we were exploring. From my work leading the security research team here at OpenDNS, I know that the greatest threats facing businesses today can no longer be simply attributed to cloud computing. It’s much bigger than that. There has been a fundamental shift in the way people work, and we at the CSA needed to address it in this report.

I recommended that we release a report addressing the threats driven by mobile computing, and the CSA team agreed. Thus, Top Threats to Mobile Computing was born. Through many long hours and great collaboration with CSA members, we announced a list of the top eight threats to mobile computing.

We know that the mobile nature of how people work leads to greater risk, because devices aren’t protected when they leave the secure corporate network, so I wasn’t surprised to see mobile malware as one of the top concerns of the 210 CSA members we surveyed. I was however, fascinated to see that the pervasive use of guest Wi-Fi is a rapidly-growing concern and that the future threat of Near Field Communications (NFC) is noted as something to watch out for in 2013.

You can download the full report here or check out the podcast I did with Bank Info Security.

You can read more about our thoughts on the need to secure the nomadic workforce, or share your ideas with us in the comments.

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