pbWe shared this morning that yet another retail chain, this time Orange County, Calif.-based Planet Beauty, has chosen OpenDNS Enterprise. Planet Beauty joins several popular retail organizations, including Eastern Mountain Sports, E-Z Rent-A-Car, Ridenow Powersports, and Lush, that have also selected OpenDNS Enterprise for security. So, why are retail chains flocking to OpenDNS in droves? Retail chains select OpenDNS for a variety of reasons: Keeping malware off the corporate network to ensure customer data is protected, ensuring acceptable use policies are enforced for the staff, and providing family-friendly guest Wi-Fi for store visitors are among the most popular. Today, let’s take a closer look at Planet Beauty’s experience.

Planet Beauty’s IT team was looking to solve two main issues. First, the team needed a way to easily enforce an acceptable use policy across all 32 locations without deploying an appliance to each. Second, the team wanted an additional layer of security on its corporate network that would allow it to proactively block access to known malicious sites and eliminate botnet communications.

We talked to Leo Salazar, IT assistant for Planet Beauty, to find out more. He told us, “Our retail stores handle private customer information, so Internet security is a top priority. In order to ensure that sensitive customer data is kept private, it’s essential that our malware protection program is airtight.”

After evaluating Norton, SonicWALL and DNSAdvantage solutions, the Planet Beauty IT team settled on OpenDNS Enterprise because the cloud-based service can proactively prevent malware downloads by blocking access to known malicious sites. This ensures that the Planet Beauty IT team will spend less time hunting down and cleaning up malware infections after the network has already been compromised. Additionally, Planet Beauty found OpenDNS Enterprise to be the ideal Web filtering solution for its individual retail locations because there is no appliance to deploy and all sites can be managed remotely.

As Leo explains, “OpenDNS Enterprise allowed us to quickly and easily deploy Internet security and Web filtering services to 32 locations, and we get the same features offered by appliances without the big headache.” Can’t beat that!

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