Lilian Nash is our customer success manager and the team’s go-to expert for cooking advice. She’s one of the first people in the office every day, and she never stops coming up with new ways to make sure our customers are happy. We talked to Lilian about what it takes to get the job done.

lilianOpenDNS: Before you joined OpenDNS you had a grueling job as a catering manager. How did working in hospitality prepare you for the work you do today?
Lilian: Hospitality is a tough business, and while it’s not always easy to keep a bride happy on her wedding day, at the end of the day it’s really about solving challenging problems and making sure that the customers don’t have to sweat a thing. Keeping customers happy is still my priority today at OpenDNS, and I am fortunate to work with a lot of smart, creative people who can help make sure things run smoothly for our customers.

OpenDNS: You are always coming up with great new ways to put our customers first. What is your favorite thing about working with the customers?
Lilian: I love when I can help them work through an issue they are having.  Sometimes it’s necessary to loop in many different departments to solve a problem, but when a solution is found, and the customer is happy, there are few better things that happen in my days.

OpenDNS: What’s your favorite thing about working at OpenDNS?
Lilian: I love working for OpenDNS because I get to hear from our customers day in and day out that they really love our products. When I get emails that thank us for our service, my heart really melts. I don’t think that happens at a lot of companies, especially security companies.

OpenDNS: You’re a whiz in the kitchen and you often dazzle us with your homemade treats at the office. What is your favorite thing to way to treat yourself lately?
Lilian: I recently received a countertop deep-fat fryer as a present and I absolutely love it.  My favorite thing to make is homemade corn dogs (I like to make mini sizes so you can just pop them in your mouth) and tater tots.  Sure baking things in the oven is easier, and yes it’s healthier, but there’s nothing quite like crispy fried food.  It’s a treat that’s worth the work and the extra calories.

P.S. OpenDNS is hiring like crazy. Come work with Lilian and help make the Internet a better place for 50 million users and counting. 

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