server rack A few weeks ago we sent George, our fearless Director of Operations, off to Hong Kong with some very fragile cargo: servers and routers for our new data center. Today I’m happy to share the news that our Hong Kong data center is live and handling OpenDNS traffic. That means our users in China, India, Japan and other nearby countries will benefit from local redundancy from our other Singapore site and significantly improved performance and speed. And since we’ve been seeing skyrocketing growth in the region, it also means we’ll be able to handle extra capacity without concern.

server rack Like all of our data centers, Hong Kong is a part of our global anycast security network. Here’s a quick refresher course on how anycast routing technology works: Of our fourteen global data centers, anycast routing means we can promise you that no matter where you are, we’ll always be routing your requests to the server location topologically nearest you. It also means that should a server be taken offline for any reason, you’ll automatically be routed to the next closest location.

And in case you missed it, we’re now serving 50 million users around the world and 40 billion DNS requests each day. You can expect to see us continue optimizing our current data centers to handle additonal capacity and adding even more locations to our impressive global footprint in the coming months and years.

Where would you like to see the next OpenDNS data center? Share your feedback with us in the comments.

PS – In the photos you can see a special warning sticker.  That’s a shock sticker and it has a special property in that it is rated for a certain G-force of impact, and if someone were to drop the box during shipping, the sticker would indicate it had been dropped.  It’s a neat way to verify handling of equipment in transit.  We also have other stickers that change color when turned upside down, so you can tell if your freight ever rolled over or was handled improperly.

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