ilium Ilium Software is a mobile application company best known for eWallet, an app designed to protect its users from identity theft. So when the company went searching for an enterprise security solution to keep its employees and network safe, you can be assured that the IT team thoroughly vetted multiple solutions and chose the one that would ensure the same reliability and peace of mind they provide their customers. The choice? OpenDNS, of course.

Before deploying OpenDNS Enterprise, the Ilium team was looking for a solution that would keep the company’s network safe from malware and botnet threats and phishing scams, so that important company information was never at risk of being compromised or leaked.  Ilium Software CEO Ken Morse knew exactly where to begin his search  As a long-time user of OpenDNS at home, Ken was impressed with the service and began evaluating OpenDNS’s business offerings.  He explained, “When searching for a security solution for my business, I did look at the offerings of our firewall vendor, but my previous experience with OpenDNS was so positive that I trusted the solution could easily accommodate the extensive security needs of our business.”

Ken also told us, “No company wants to deal with the hassle and downtime that stems from a malware infection or security problem, but as a security-focused company we’re especially diligent in our commitment to avoiding these threats. Running OpenDNS Enterprise on our network allows us to stop worrying about these issues and focus on building key mobile applications for our customers.  I would absolutely recommend OpenDNS Enterprise to other businesses.”

Ilium Software joins Nvidia, Underwriters Laboratories and countless other technology companies that trust OpenDNS for enterprise network security. Get to know the companies that choose OpenDNS and discover if the service is right for you.

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