tim hortonsAsk a Canadian, Midwesterner or East Coaster about their favorite place to grab breakfast on-the-go, and they just might say Tim Hortons, as the company has more than 3,600 restaurants in Canada and the U.S.  Tim Hortons gives back to the community through its non-profit charitable foundation, which provides fun-filled camp experiences to children from economically disadvantaged homes. In this edition of Field Reports we share why Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation has chosen OpenDNS Enterprise to protect the kids and families it serves, while ensuring that the organization’s good name isn’t tarnished.

Before deploying OpenDNS Enterprise, the responsibility of making sure that the foundation’s trusted name was never defamed as result of online threats and network infections fell squarely on the backs of the organization’s small IT team. Unfortunately, the team was spending a significant amount of time chasing down malware infections and fixing Web filtering lapses. The foundation needed a cost-effective security solution that would filter out inappropriate Web content and prevent malware without requiring constant management and oversight.

Tim Horton Children’s Foundation selected OpenDNS Enterprise as its security solution for a variety of reasons.  First, OpenDNS Enterprise proactively blocks access to malicious sites, thus eliminating malware before it can penetrate the network.  Second, OpenDNS Enterprise offers comprehensive Web filtering that can be managed from any Internet-connected device through a centralized Dashboard, so the team is always in control of network settings, even when they’re working off-site.  As Tim Horton Children’s Foundation IT Manager Stash Kossek told us, “We have seven locations, so it’s absolutely brilliant and extremely useful that I can make network changes even when I’m not in the office.”

Stash added, “Like many non-profits, we want to ensure that as much of our budget as possible goes toward our charitable objectives.  Our choice to use OpenDNS Enterprise helps us accomplish this goal, while ensuring that the trusted Tim Horton name remains protected.”

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