AT&T suffered a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on its DNS servers Wednesday, causing intermittent Internet service disruptions for its paying business customers. However, the thousands of businesses using OpenDNS’s free Premium DNS service remained online, just as they always do thanks to our 100 percent perfect uptime record.

Fifty million people choose OpenDNS today and the catalyst for many who made the switch has been a DNS outage by a major ISP. From the epic Time Warner blackout that affected much of Los Angeles to the Italian ISP’s DNS outage that took many of the country’s citizens offline, and even most recently when Canadian ISP Eastlink’s DNS servers went down.

But today we’d like to make a simple recommendation: Don’t wait for an outage to make the switch. At home and at your business, you have a choice in your DNS service. With 12 global data centers located at the Internet’s most high-traffic intersections, 100 percent uptime since our launch in 2006, and built-in protection against phishing and wide-scale Internet threats, we recommend you choose OpenDNS.

Switching to Premium DNS takes just a few minutes. Get started now. 

If you’ve made the switch to OpenDNS after an outage we’d love to hear your story. Share with us in the comments below. 

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