Interlochen Center for the ArtsToday we are excited to share the story of Interlochen Center for the Arts, home to the nation’s first and foremost arts high school and the world’s premiere summer arts programs.  In this edition of field reports, we look at why this award-winning institution selected OpenDNS Enterprise to keep students and faculty safe online.

The Interlochen Center for the Arts IT team was previously using several log-reporting tools and proxy servers to filter content.  The system was inconsistent and complex, and it demanded large amounts of the team’s valuable time.  In order to free up some time and IT resources, the Interlochen team began searching for a flexible, cloud-based solution that would provide comprehensive online protection while also allowing network changes to be made easily, even when the IT team was working off-site.

The Interlochen Center for the Arts IT team now enjoys easy-to-manage, cloud-based Web filtering and malware protection with OpenDNS Enterprise.  The team loves the ability to ensure comprehensive protection on multiple networks serving very different audiences, ranging from children’s summer camp programs to adult art classes and festivals.  Interlochen Center for the Arts Systems Administrator David Bondurant told us, “We considered many traditional Web filtering appliances but chose OpenDNS Enterprise for its simplicity and low total cost of ownership.”

The team also loves the ability to connect to the OpenDNS Dashboard from anywhere, without first logging-in to a VPN. This allows them to respond to situations with the same speed and focus as when they are working on-site.  Bondurant said, “OpenDNS Enterprise’s cloud-based approach fits perfectly with the school’s new IT design and allows us to simultaneously protect thousands of devices every day.”

Bondurant summed up his experience with OpenDNS Enterprise by saying, “Through OpenDNS Enterprise we can employ a simple, one-click-and-done approach to blocking and preventing malware.  Given the ease of setup, powerful functionality and low cost, I would definitely recommend the service to other schools.”

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