IT DirectorIn today’s edition of Field Reports we look at why Underwriters Laboratories, a premier, global safety science company that employs thousands of professionals across dozens of countries, selected OpenDNS Enterprise for Web filtering.

With more than 9,000 employees worldwide accessing the network each day, Underwriters Laboratories required a solution that could easily handle filtering an enormous volume of Internet traffic without slowing down network activity. The Underwriters Laboratories IT team began exploring OpenDNS Enterprise because it could act both as a solution to their Web filtering needs and provide consistent, reliable and speedy DNS to dozens of worldwide locations.

Underwriters Laboratories selected OpenDNS Enterprise because the service delivers fast, DNS-based Web filtering, which, unlike an appliance or proxy-based service, doesn’t obstruct or reroute traffic. We spoke with Ryan Atkins, Enterprise Network Services Manager for Underwriters Laboratories, who told us, “OpenDNS Enterprise gives us the ability to filter content without cumbersome configurations.” The service also delivers increased transparency between the organization and its employees, thanks to features such as the ability to customize the block page employees reach when attempting to access inappropriate or malicious content.

Ryan explaind, “OpenDNS Enterprise gives us stable and effective Web filtering with reliable performance across the globe.” With 12 global data centers strategically located at major Internet intersections, OpenDNS ensures that even remote Underwriters Laboratories are guaranteed the best Internet performance.

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