Each year OpenDNS hosts the SysAdmin Awards, a program designed to celebrate the hard-working network administrators that all-too-often go unappreciated until the moment something goes wrong.

The OpenDNS community was an integral part of making 2012 the best year yet. From suggesting new categories that would make sure we recognized all the different SysAdmin specialties, to helping us spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Spiceworks and other social networks, the community was with us every step of the way. Plus, our team of makers here at OpenDNS put months into building the most incredible trophy ever: A custom made, Arduino-powered SysAdmin superhero┬áthat’s capable of running alert scripts.

We knew that the winners had to impress. We gathered the most elite judging panel we could find — our very own OpenDNS SysAdmins, who are responsible for running the global networks used by 50 million people. And we promise you, the deserving winners they selected will not disappoint.

See the winners!

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