Here at OpenDNS, we’re all about the SysAdmins. Which is why SysAdmin Appreciation Day is the biggest holiday of the year here.

OpenDNS was designed from the ground up with the SysAdmins who would ultimately choose and manage it in mind. We thought long and hard about what it would take to create a service that made the job of SysAdmining easier. A more reliable DNS service that they can count on, 100%, to keep their network online. A unique and innovative security service that blocks malware and botnets without the need for installing and managing software on every machine and device. A cloud-based dashboard that can be accessed from anywhere — even the datacenter — for managing the service. Especially cool, you-see-them-here-first tools that help SysAdmins troubleshoot like CacheCheck, and equally cool features like SmartCache that just work on their own.

In short, we love SysAdmins around here.

Today is SysAdmin Appreciation Day and we hope you took advantage of our Boss Reminder service and nominated yourself for a SysAdmin Award (winners being announced next week), but even if you didn’t, you should know that we salute you. I was a SysAdmin myself before founding OpenDNS, and I know firsthand what a thankless job it can be. We celebrate SysAdmins every day, but welcome a special day to show our love in a public way.

syssaluteEvery OpenDNS employee at our SF headquarters is wearing a t-shirt today that shows our team of SysAdmins here (that means you, George, Mack, Bryan, Brian and Jeff) and each of you, just how appreciative we are.


A few of the OpenDNS SysAdmins rocking their SysAdmin Day t-shirts.


Tour dates? No. Those are our global data centers.

To all the SysAdmins around the world, we salute you. Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day.

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