A few weeks ago we introduced you to OpenDNS Enterprise Insights, a new service we promised would make your work easier and your network instantly more secure. The service offers a granular view into your organization’s network through integration with Active Directory, and it’s available today. We extended an early release to customers that include globally-distributed enterprises, educational institutions and organizations with large, public and guest Wi-Fi networks. That’s why we couldn’t wait to share the story of the Jackson Municipal Airport Authority (JMAA) team, one of the earliest adopters of OpenDNS Enterprise Insights.

The JMAA IT team’s monumental responsibilities, in addition to network security, include managing everything from flight systems displays to desktop computers for Jackson Municipal Airport. JMAA was previously using a server-based Web filtering solution from Websense, but the small team was frustrated with the amount of time it took to manage. They started looking for a cloud-based solution for keeping malware off the network that wouldn’t require patches or updates. OpenDNS Enterprise Insights is an ideal solution for JMAA, as it allows the team to identify the source of attempted malware downloads on the network and take action.

Of course, we prefer to let Shawn Hanks, IT manager for JMAA, explain it in his own words. He said, “OpenDNS Enterprise does a great job of showing us that someone on the network is trying to access a site with malware – and more importantly – preventing it. Through OpenDNS Enterprise Insights and the Active Directory integration we can immediately identify which machines are attempting to access the malicious site and at what time.” This powerful intelligence means the JMAA team is empowered to immediately take action on the network.

We’ve always had a firm commitment to making products that are easy to deploy and simple to manage. Shawn tells us that OpenDNS Enterprise Insights is no exception: “I’ve been extremely pleased with the product. I was able to make a couple of DNS changes on the server, setup our IP range online, and it instantly started protecting our network. The simplicity of the product allows me to focus my time and energy on other tasks.”

If you’d like to join us for a demo of OpenDNS Enterprise Insights, sign up here.

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