OpenDNS Domain Tagging is a well-oiled system that empowers our global community of security researchers, academics, IT professionals and generally invested people to contribute to website classification. People can either submit domains and tag them with a category like “dating,” “video sharing” or “news,” or they can vote on the accuracy of other people’s tags. The resulting data, in combination with other data sources and verification measures, helps power OpenDNS content filtering. OpenDNS is unique in our crowdsourcing approach to website classification and by all accounts, our Web filtering system is among the fastest-moving and most accurate around.

Today we make a significant addition to the system: malware domains.

Not just anyone can classify a malware domain. Simply loading the domain can put a user, their machine or device and their network at risk. That’s why we’re seeking the best and the brightest in security to be among the first malware domain taggers.

We’ve built functionality that will empower these select, elite folks to make informed decisions about malware domains, and help protect hundreds of thousands of people around the world. That includes domain information from trusted sources, geo data about where the domain is hosted and DNS traffic data that will help malware domain taggers determine if the domain is malicious. The goal is to bring together security people from around the world at the intersection of the OpenDNS community to share malware data that will help keep people safe online.

See the below video for more information. If you think you have what it takes, apply via the link on the right-hand side of this page.

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