Today we give you OpenDNS Enterprise Insights, a new service from OpenDNS that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Active Directory to give you critical visibility into malware and botnet infections on your network, as well as granular control in terms of creating policies and preferences on a per-user or per-group basis. With Enterprise Insights, OpenDNS is now an end-to-end security network of threat discovery, containment and mitigation. You can see, down to the very device where an infection has occurred, any malware instances on the networks you manage. This is phenomenal functionality for a cloud-based service that requires zero hardware or client software to deploy and manage.

There are a few things we’d like you to know about the new service.

Deploying OpenDNS Enterprise Insights will make your network and data dramatically more secure.
OpenDNS provides services to more than 50 million people around the world every day. They’re in homes, 1 in every 3 U.S. public schools and Fortune 100 enterprises, alike. This is a rich well of security data that allows us to track and analyze advanced malware and botnet threats across the Internet by constantly analyzing troves of DNS data. With OpenDNS Enterprise Insights, we block malware and contain botnets so devices don’t get infected, and most importantly, we prevent infected devices from communicating out with their command and control or leaking your sensitive data. Historically, this type of functionality was only possible through a combination of heavy hardware appliances and often complex software installed on every machine.

Deploying OpenDNS Enterprise Insights will make your job easier.
Deployment doesn’t take weeks or months the way it used to with legacy security solutions.  OpenDNS can be deployed across an enterprise in a single day, entirely through the cloud. You can change settings over the Web, for one office or one thousand offices, and all updates to the service are made automatically.

We’re delivering Enterprise Insights in direct response to customer demand. OpenDNS has been tested exhaustively by some of the largest companies in the world, and in almost all cases, the service is chosen over competing services. But there’s been just one lingering reason OpenDNS hasn’t met the needs of some organizations: a lack of AD integration. We heard you loud and clear and today we deliver. There are already nearly 60,000 workers using Insights as part of a trial we’ve been running for the past few months and the floodgates open today for any customer interested.

This is just the start. This is the initial foundation for providing granular user, group, and device-based services.  We intend to support other authentication and directory services in the future, and look forward to continuing our mission of providing a secure Internet experience across any device, anywhere, anytime.

OpenDNS Enterprise Insights is available immediately. Get in touch today.

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