Today we shared some compelling numbers that provide insight into the effectiveness and longevity of OpenDNS Enterprise. A staggering 90% of all customers (ever) have renewed their service contract upon its expiration, and of the sample of 20% of all OpenDNS Enterprise customers we surveyed (out of many thousands), 100% say they’d recommend OpenDNS to you and anyone else who’s considering adopting the service. As CEO David Ulevitch said, “There’s no better, stronger indication of a service’s staying power than advocacy and recommendations from existing users.”

OpenDNS Enterprise was launched in late 2009 after overwhelming demand for an enterprise-class version of OpenDNS. Today it’s widely regarded as one of the most innovative security services available. It works by cutting off communication between malware and its command and control, which renders malware ineffective and unable to wreak havok on your network. It’s the choice of thousands of organizations around the world — including several Fortune 100 enterprises — because it’s effective, but also incredibly easy to deploy and manage. Nothing else like it exists and its raised the bar for what’s possible with a cloud service.

Leading analyst firm Gartner has noticed the success of OpenDNS Enterprise too, and recently named us one of only four “Cool Vendors in Cloud Security,” in addition to calling out OpenDNS as a critical threat to Websense.

We’re excited to share even more news about OpenDNS Enterprise in the very near future, but if you haven’t evaluated using OpenDNS Enterprise at your organization yet, we hope these impressive numbers help convince you that now is the time. And for our existing customers, thank you! Your support, feedback and guidance helps drive us to create the products and services you need most.

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