These days it seems that almost any company could be called an “Internet-focused company.” But that attribution is particularly relevant for TechConnect, an online advertising and gaming company whose employees spend almost all of their time plugged in. For this edition of Field Reports, we spoke to Michiel Beenan, CEO of TechConnect, about why he chose OpenDNS Enterprise to keep his uber-connected employees safe online.

techconnectOpenDNS: Tell us a little bit about your company and its heightened focus on Internet security.
Michiel: TechConnect is an Internet company with divisions focused both on advertising and gaming. Because the company is driven wholly and completely by Internet activity, and employees are continuously accessing foreign or unfamiliar sites, they are at a significantly high risk of encountering a malicious site and inadvertently downloading malware. It is a major priority for us to ensure our employees are working in a safe environment, and that our networks remain protected.

OpenDNS: When you were looking for a new malware protection solution, why did you look at OpenDNS?
Michiel: We were running desktop antivirus software on individual machines, but malware was still sneaking in, requiring costly and time-intensive clean-up. I trust OpenDNS at home, so I wanted to look into the business solutions to see if they could work for our offices.

OpenDNS: What did you discover during your trial of OpenDNS Enterprise?
Michiel: OpenDNS Enterprise is an ideal fit for our company. The service is continually updated in real-time, so there are no software updates or lag time for installations or upgrades, and as soon as new malicious sites are identified our employees are automatically protected. We’re very happy with it.

OpenDNS: How have things changed for your team since you deployed OpenDNS?
Michiel: The solution makes it easy for us to share insights between multiple members of the team, and in turn that helps us collaborate and share responsibilities.¬†From anywhere, any member of our team can monitor network statistics, update settings, or even deploy new networks. We’d definitely recommend the service to other companies.

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