OpenDNS Enterprise is a great fit for organizations with multiple locations, including retailers, restaurants and large businesses with many distributed offices. But why? In today’s edition of Field Reports we show you a first-hand account of why one company selected cloud-based OpenDNS Enterprise to protect 27 locations — and avoid the costly appliance and software upgrade cycles.
Boone Newspapers delivers news and shopping guides to more than 30 different communities spread across eight states. The organization has 27 locations and more than 500 employees. When the company was making a decision on a new Web filtering and Internet security solution, the choice came down to just one thing: common sense.

With many of the solutions The Boone Newspapers IT team evaluated, they would have to dedicate tons of time hauling out appliances to individual locations or managing regular software updates. Not to mention, these solutions were quite costly.

Fortunately, the team was using OpenDNS for Premium DNS resolution and began to evaluate OpenDNS Enterprise. Jeff Coleman, IT specialist for Boone Newspapers, explained, “OpenDNS Enterprise is completely cloud-based, so we didn’t have to haul appliances out to each of our locations or worry about the software upgrade cycle. It also offers us the lowest total cost of ownership.”

In order to manage Web filtering preferences for each of the remote locations, the Boone Newspapers IT team simply logs into the OpenDNS Enterprise Dashboard from any Internet-connected device, regardless of whether they’re working on-site or remotely. The team can customize filtering preferences through the easy-to-use, category-based filtering or the always-allow whitelist or never-allow blacklist options. Plus, settings can be copied over to create or update networks in just minutes, so the team’s time is freed up to work on proactive IT projects. Easy as pie.

Coleman concluded: “We received great service using Premium DNS so we knew we could count on OpenDNS. OpenDNS Enterprise gives us exactly what we need: Easy to deploy and manage Web filtering and malware protection for the lowest possible TCO. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Your turn: Why did your company make the switch to OpenDNS? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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