SysAwardsWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: SysAdmins + IT Pros are awesome. To celebrate SysAdmin Appreciation Day (or SysAdmin Appreciation Month as it’s known around here), OpenDNS is proud to announce the 2012 OpenDNS SysAdmin Awards. This is the only awards program that gives SysAdmins and IT Pros deserving recognition in front of hundreds of thousands of their peers along with fantastic prizes.

This year’s awards program is better than ever. We’ve added some new categories and made it even easier for anyone (technical or non-technical) to acknowledge the SysAdmin, network operator or IT person in their office. Here’s the lineup of awards categories:

  • IT Person of the Year*
  • The Hand-Me-Down Hacker Award*
  • Best Disaster Response Award
  • The Tin Foil Hat Award*
  • Flying Solo Award
  • The PEBCAK Award*
  • The Doing More with Less Award: Education and Non-Profit Spotlight*
  • Higher Ed Hero Award*
  • Neat Freak Award
*New category for 2012 

Get full details on the 2012 OpenDNS SysAdmin Awards and apply today. Don’t forget to enter our SysAdmin photo caption contest and use the OpenDNS Boss Reminder Service to let OpenDNS anonymously remind your boss that SysAdmin Appreciation Day is coming. Awards Submissions are due July 15. Good luck!

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