In this blog series we’ve introduced you to organizations of all sizes and industries, from K-12 and Higher Ed to large, distributed enterprises and retailers. To get a sense of how small businesses are using OpenDNS Enterprise, we’d like you to meet TrialCard. The rapidly-growing company recently replaced its Symantec (MessageLabs) solution with OpenDNS Enterprise for more efficient Web filtering and malware protection.

TrialCard provides solutions to the pharmaceutical industry to improve access and affordability of their medicines to patients. TrialCard’s small-but-effective IT team prides itself on not just being highly responsive but, more importantly, highly proactive. So when the team determined its Symantec (MessageLabs) Web filtering solution couldn’t keep up with the organization’s rapid pace, it was time for a change.

Brandon Sabol, TrialCard SysAdmin explains it best: “We had already tried a few so-called cloud-based solutions but they didn’t offer the ease-of-management and deployment that we were looking for. Our business moves very fast and we wanted something that was not a lot of hassle to get up and running and that any member of our team could easily understand.”

For the TrialCard team, the best part about OpenDNS Enterprise is that the solution didn’t require much change to TrialCard’s architecture or any additional resources for management. They now spend very little time managing a Web filtering program and cleaning up malware infections and they’ve reported immediate savings on IT time and resources.

Brandon shared, “At the pace we move, time is a very precious resource and we welcome finding savings wherever we can. OpenDNS Enterprise fits perfectly into our strategy. With no proxy servers and no appliances – it was completely painless for us.”

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