Anykey ITComplex IT problems are a nightmare for any network admin, whether you’re running a single device at home or managing hundreds on a corporate network. But imagine running the networks used by 17,500 kids and staff in primary and secondary schools, and attempting to improve security while lowering costs. That could get crazy. In this edition of Field Reports we talk to Anykey IT’s Tobias Linder, whose team manages the networks at 80 schools in Switzerland. He shares how OpenDNS Enterprise helps his team eliminate complexity for their clients.

OpenDNS: Your company sees the network architecture for dozens of schools across Switzerland. What is one of the biggest trends you notice?
Tobias: When we first started working with schools many years ago, we discovered that they had these incredibly intricate and difficult-to-manage networks. They were developed this way as the result of limited budgets and nearly no IT resources for management. Of course, this makes security somewhat of a nightmare. We knew that in order to be of the most service to schools, we had to find a way to eliminate complexity without increasing costs.

OpenDNS: What is your strategy for making security and IT more efficient and affordable for the schools you serve?
Tobias: The first thing we recommend is that our clients move services out of the local network and into the cloud. In most cases, abandoning old appliances actually saves the clients money. Cloud-based solutions also allow them to free up IT resources that were previously devoted to maintenance and management of appliances or software. OpenDNS Enterprise is a staple in this program.

OpenDNS: As an IT solutions provider, you have your choice of dozens of Web filtering solutions. What made you select OpenDNS Enterprise?
Tobias: We fell in love with OpenDNS Enterprise for its simplicity, performance and reliability. Compared with traditional Web filtering solutions, OpenDNS Enterprise offers the ideal intersection of powerful protection and simple management. It comes at a considerably lower total cost of ownership for our customers and the pricing model we use is straightforward and easy to understand.

OpenDNS: You’ve now deployed OpenDNS Enterprise for 30 schools. What kind of results have you seen?
Tobias:  Right now we’re using OpenDNS Enterprise to protect the networks used by 17,500 students and staff. That’s a pretty huge group, but OpenDNS Enterprise makes management of Web filtering and malware protection a breeze. For schools today, uptime and internet security is crucial. Our clients are very happy with the reliability and flexibility of OpenDNS Enterprise, and so are we.

To read more about how Anykey IT is using OpenDNS Enterprise to protect school children in Switzerland, read the full story here. If you’re using OpenDNS at work and want to answer a few questions for OpenDNS, Email us.

Your turn: What trends do you see on K-12 or primary school networks? Discuss in the comments section below. 

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