An all-star team of security minds are coming together to make a movie, and OpenDNS just kicked in funds to help cover production and also host the film’s San Francisco premiere. Why’d we get involved? Simple.

For the amount the world relies on the Internet, the average user knows too little about its dark underbelly. The film, appropriately titled Zero Day — which features everyone’s favorite investigative reporter Brian Krebs — has been granted unprecedented access. From the trailer it appears that includes an all-access pass to the Facebook security team at its Menlo Park, CA headquarters, where Krebs and the filmmakers will see how one of largest websites on the Internet fights crime and fraud.

Hopefully it’s from this vantage point that a very large number of Internet users will learn about how Internet crime works, and how to best protect themselves from it. So much of Internet security is education and awareness. The more we know not to click suspicious links, the less we’re exposed to malware.

The film still needs contributions. It’s being funded through Chip in what you can and help this film come to fruition. $10 gets you a copy of the completed work. $1,000 gets you a “thank you” in the credits. You have 25 days to show your support.

Stay tuned for details on the San Francisco premiere, from which we’ll give all profits to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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