When I reflect on the nearly six years since I launched OpenDNS, I’m proud of many of our milestones and accomplishments. I’m proud of developing innovative ways to use the DNS to disengage malware and botnets. I’m proud of building the first anti-phishing clearinghouse, PhishTank, which today powers anti-phishing protection in your favorite browsers and services. I’m proud of providing the first-ever safer, faster, more reliable alternative to the DNS service that people, businesses and schools tolerate from their ISPs. But most of all, I’m proud to employ world-class engineers, researchers, marketers and people specializing in other business disciplines and am firmly committed to keeping them happy.

Two weeks ago, OpenDNS moved to a brand new office in beautiful San Francisco. Every inch of the space was designed with our passionate team in mind. Everywhere you look there’s space for open, collaborative conversations about how to use the DNS to make the Internet safer and overall better. There’s gorgeous, natural light pouring in through the windows, which, during baseball season, also let in the sounds of the SF Giant’s earning a spot at the World Series. We have sitting desks, standing desks, booths, conference rooms, lounges, kitchen’s and more. It’s a wonderful space.

We thought hard about where people should sit, and ultimately decided that while different departments sit together in their relative areas, often the most smart and innovative ideas are born out of cross-functional conversations. A PR person chatting up an HR person, or a customer support person and a sales person talking about how to improve our service. That’s why the office is peppered with areas for these conversations to happen.

Since 2007 we’ve been growing almost entirely out of the revenue generated by our operating activities. This is an important thing to note for us because we believe building a sustainable business is important to our long-term success. Unlike many other technology companies, we’ve grown the old-fashioned way: only spending the hard-earned money we have in the bank. As we quickly approach our 100th employee, we take pride in knowing that we’ve reached this milestone by having great people building great products our customers love.

Our San Francisco office isn’t the only exciting new space to report. I’m also proud to announce OpenDNS Vancouver, recently opened. We’re hiring in all areas of the company at both offices. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our winning team we’d love to meet you.

All of this growth and sustainability is fantastic, but even more important is how you, our users, fit in. Not only do you all have an invite to stop by 145 Bluxome Street and say hello, you also have a desk here (with advance notice). The single most critical factor contributing to our success — and consequentially our ability to make the Internet safer, faster, smarter and more reliable for tens of millions of people around the world — is your support and contributions. You’ve shaped every single feature we’ve developed and delivered over the six years we’ve been in business. Through IdeaBank, your comments here on this blog, emails to me at david @ opendns (dot) com and feedback on Twitter and even Facebook, you’ve been helping steer this ship.

Keep it up. Tell us what you want. This is your OpenDNS.

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