Roka Bioscience is a company full of safety experts. The leading bioscience company is focused on improving food safety testing measures and helping companies safeguard their brands. This emphasis on safety is the foundation of the organization’s approach to Internet security as well. In today’s edition of field reports we take a look at why Roka Bioscience made the switch from a Websense appliance to OpenDNS Enterprise.

RokaThe Roka Bioscience IT team was searching for a solution that would easily prevent employees from accessing sites known to host malware or botnets in addition to meeting the organization’s straightforward Web filtering needs. Prior to deploying OpenDNS Enterprise, Roka Bioscience was using a Websense appliance for Web filtering but the cumbersome appliance was too demanding for the small team to manage.

We asked Daniel Churco, the information technology manager for Roka Bioscience why his team started searching for a solution to replace Websense. He explained, “We were previously using Websense but found the appliance-based system to be time-intensive. Internet security is a top priority for our company, so we needed a hands-off solution that could easily be managed by our smaller team.”

In addition to the difficulty of managing the bulky Websense appliance, the small team also devoted significant resources to cleaning up malware infections. After evaluating alternative solutions from Websense and Barracuda Networks, the Roka Bioscience IT team selected OpenDNS Enterprise because they found it to be the ideal, low-touch solution for a small team that prioritizes Internet security but can’t spare resources for complex management.

Since switching to OpenDNS Enterprise, Roka Bioscience’s IT team has also reported significantly improved security and reliability. Daniel told us that his team loves OpenDNS Enterprise because it just works! He explains: “OpenDNS Enterprise works at the DNS level and perfectly integrates with all of our systems. We no longer have to worry about performance or reliability issues.”

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