You might know Tervis as the fabulously fun brand that revolutionized insulated drinkware and chances are good you’ve got one of their tumblers branded with your favorite sports team or hobby in your cupboard. But what’s a fun, vibrant company to do when time-intensive Internet security and Web filtering programs are dragging down their IT team? Today’s edition of field reports explores how small but important changes to network security management helped Tervis revitalize their IT security program and free up their team for more exciting projects.

tervisBefore discovering OpenDNS Enterprise, the Tervis IT team was using a software-based product for Web filtering, but the limited solution couldn’t easily accommodate filtering at the organization’s remote retail locations or provide any additional security. That meant big headaches for the IT team who was spending time cleaning up persistent malware infections.

Tervis selected OpenDNS Enterprise, which provides comprehensive Web filtering and innovative malware protection, because the straightforward, simple-to-use solution can easily be deployed across both the organization’s large corporate network and its distributed retail stores. In just a few minutes, Tervis employees and its network were protected from inappropriate content and malicious Internet threats.

Since the Tervis IT team no longer needs to pour effort and energy into cleaning up nasty malware infections, they are able to refocus on the more fun and innovative projects that improve the organization’s rapidly-growing retail business.

Of course, Chris Magnuson from Tervis explains it best: “OpenDNS Enterprise protects us far better than other solutions because it stops threats from ever entering onto the network. It’s a feature I wouldn’t want to be without as it keeps our users safe and reduces the amount of work we have to perform repairing machines that have been infected. OpenDNS Enterprise strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and effectiveness.”

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