Retail IT teams are tasked with a unique and difficult challenge: Ensure remote locations get the same level of security as the large corporate network, but don’t spend more time or resources managing them. This is especially difficult because the stores are often distributed hundreds of miles apart and have dramatically different network architecture than the corporate site, so rolling out clunky appliances just wouldn’t be reasonable. Today we look at how one savvy rental car agency is using OpenDNS Enterprise to ensure remote locations get the best available Internet security, without overwhelming the IT team’s time or resources.

ezrentacarE-Z Rent-A-Car is a rapidly growing car rental agency with 15 locations and counting in the U.S. The retail IT team was using a patchwork of DNS whitelists and firewall workarounds to fight malware but they knew they needed a more powerful solution. However, they also needed to be able to easily manage the solution for all distributed locations and scale-up on-demand as the company continued to grow.

After exploring several other solutions, including Barracuda Networks, the E-Z Rent-A-Car IT team selected OpenDNS Enterprise because it allows them to easily manage powerful malware protection and Web filtering for any number of remote locations and deployment takes only minutes. Plus, since employees can’t access sites known to host malware, they can’t download nasty infections. Additionally, OpenDNS Enterprise protects all devices accessing the E-Z Rent-A-Car network, so even if an employee brings a personal device such as a laptop or iPad that is already infected, the malware can’t communicate back to command and control.

The E-Z Rent-A-Car team had this to say: “Because there were no appliances to install or software to setup, we were able to quickly deploy OpenDNS Enterprise to all 15 U.S. locations. Since everything happens in the cloud, I can easily make changes on the road, from any Internet-connected device, through my Dashboard.”

Now that was E-Z 🙂 If you’re using OpenDNS at work and want to share your story, Email us.

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