Managed Service Providers and IT Solution Providers seem to have their choice of every security solution on the market. But while there are dozens to choose from, many require complex integrations, frequent updates, devoted monitoring and even on-site visits to their clients’ offices. So what’s an MSP to do when it comes to protecting clients from malware? Today we look at one seasoned IT Solutions organization that is using OpenDNS for Managed Service Providers to save resources and ensure precious uptime and healthy networks for its clients. 

SymQuest Group, which provides network support to about 300 businesses and 4,500 end users on the East Coast, was seeing an alarming increase in malware on its clients’ networks. The malware infections were resulting in troublesome network downtime and data loss for its customers, and required the SymQuest Group team to perform time-consuming clean-up.

The team determined that they needed to add a sophisticated malware-prevention solution to their security tool belt, but because the MSP has such a large network of clients, it was imperative that the solution wouldn’t increase complexity or overhead.

Enter OpenDNS for Managed Service Providers. The program allows SymQuest Group to deploy OpenDNS’s security solutions in just moments and all customer accounts to be easily managed from any Internet-connected device through a single Web-based dashboard.

OpenDNS for Managed Service Providers is also the only program that allows MSPs to deploy a solution that proactively blocks malware infections and transmissions by preventing both inbound malware infections and outbound botnet communications. This allows MSPs to focus on prevention, instead of spending valuable hours cleaning up their clients’ networks. Today SymQuest Group is using OpenDNS for Managed Service Providers to leverage OpenDNS’s business solutions, a “first layer of defense” to fight malware and provide comprehensive Web filtering for their customers.

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what the pros at SymQuest Group have to say: “OpenDNS’s security solutions are the standard in the market for this unique type of malware protection. They’re different from other options we evaluated because they prevent the client’s computer from ever touching a malicious site.”

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