In December of last year we announced a preview of DNSCrypt, a first of its kind technology that encrypts all DNS traffic between you and OpenDNS. It solves a critical problem that faces all Internet users today: the potential for criminals to spy on your traffic, spoof websites and conduct man-in-the-middle attacks. These threats are most present on insecure public WiFi networks in places like airports and cafes, but insecure networks can also be found in many residences.

We first made a version for Mac available, so it wasn’t a surprise to us that after the welcome reception the technology saw from the security and DNS communities (including this endorsement from djb), the second most common question was, “When will this be available for Windows?”

The answer: soon. Or now. Depending on how eager you are to get your hands on an early version.

We’re looking for people to beta test DNSCrypt for Windows. Ultimately we expect DNSCrypt to vastly improve Internet security and privacy for people all over the world, so we’re looking for all types to beta test. Bug finders, innovators, critics. We want all of you.

Apply to be among the first to test DNSCrypt for Windows and help shape a technology that has the potential to completely revolutionize Internet security.

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