There’s a critical gap in network security in higher education: While it’s difficult enough to secure the managed devices on your network given today’s threat environment, securing your users’ mobile devices, tablets and laptops is a nearly impossible challenge. That’s why in today’s edition of Field Reports we’re taking a look at a network of community college campuses that turned to OpenDNS Enterprise to effortlessly protect all of their students – and all of their students’ devices.

TCTCLike most higher education organizations, Tri-County Technical College had minimal filtering needs beyond their goal of prohibiting access to sites known to transmit malware and other Internet threats. But, securing 6,000 users across four campuses placed a heavy tax on network performance. From rampant malware infections stemming from student-owned devices, to skyrocketing bandwidth consumption, the team was searching for a highly scalable, cloud-based security solution that could be quickly deployed and easily managed.

There was only one option in the marketplace that could secure not just the college’s managed devices, but student-owned devices as well: OpenDNS Enterprise.

OpenDNS Enterprise is also the only service capable of not only preventing access to known malicious sites, but also eliminating communication between an infected device and its online host. This means that without downloading any software, all unmanaged devices on the Tri-County Technical College network, such as a student-owned iPads or faculty members’ personal laptops, are prevented from downloading malware and transmitting malicious communications.

If you ask the folks responsible for deploying OpenDNS Enterprise at the college, they’ll tell you OpenDNS Enterprise was the only choice that made sense.

“We looked at countless appliances, but our bandwidth needs would make it nearly impossible to scale at a reasonable price. Other solutions simply protect the managed devices that are already on our network. With OpenDNS Enterprise, we’re able to provide protection to all devices, on all our campuses, without any additional headache.”

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