Among its many daily goals, Dawson Community College (DCC) makes one central concept its mission: Provide the highest-quality education possible to the folks of Eastern Montana while still keeping costs low. For many community colleges throughout the U.S., proactive cost-savings strategies involve making due with outdated products and services or worse, doing away with essentials. That’s why in this edition of Field Reports we wanted to highlight a success story that results from pursuing a new product – OpenDNS Enterprise.

DCCBefore deploying OpenDNS Enterprise, DCC did not have a malware prevention strategy in place. Although it had extensive anti-virus protection, malware infections were dealt with manually as they were identified. How then, could purchasing a new solution add up to savings? Because the manual malware cleanup created a considerable tax on the IT team’s resources and took them away from other improvement projects. As concerns over security and reliability mounted, the DCC IT team was searching for a solution that would give them a more proactive malware prevention strategy and help them save time and money that would otherwise be spent cleaning up infections.

Like many network administrators, Shane Bishop, Director of Technology for DCC, discovered OpenDNS Enterprise because he was already using OpenDNS Premium DNS for the fastest and most reliable DNS available. When his team began exploring malware prevention solutions, OpenDNS Enterprise was the obvious stand out. That’s because OpenDNS Enterprise malware protection prevents both inbound malware infections and outbound botnet communications so it’s no longer necessary for the team to perform extensive malware cleanup, and time can be spent improving and optimizing existing technology programs.

Shane explains why OpenDNS Enterprise made so much sense for DCC: “We don’t have spare resources for cleaning up malware infections, so our preferred strategy is to keep our network airtight,” said Bishop. “With OpenDNS Enterprise, our approach has shifted from being reactive to being proactive, saving us time and money in the process. An affordable education is a difficult thing to come by. Using awesome products like OpenDNS Enterprise allows us to continue offering an affordable education while maintaining a network that is rock solid.”

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