Luck is when execution meets opportunity and I recently had a great stroke of luck when I met up with David Ulevitch, the CEO of OpenDNS. David and I had met several times at a variety of security events over the years and I had always admired what OpenDNS was taking to the market. And, it turns out that OpenDNS — perfectly poised to disrupt security markets — was looking for someone with my experience.

After some great discussions with David and talented team members I quickly realized that this was the door I wanted to enter.
I will be posting a blog in the near future about how I believe security is being disrupted, but in short, OpenDNS is:

  • Where “big data” meets security.
  • Cloud leader, not follower.
  • Uniquely positioned to address mobility, embedded systems, and roaming users.

And further…

  • With close to 40 billion DNS queries per day, and servicing nearly 2% of all Internet traffic, there is a wealth of data here. With data comes intelligence, and with intelligence comes security.
  • OpenDNS was built as an infrastructure company from day one. It is a global player with great peering relationships, network management, and most importantly, has been building a foundation of operational excellence since the company’s beginning.
  • Tablets, smartphones, game consoles, home devices; they all connect to the Internet. The number of devices we own and use that are connected is astounding, and only growing. These connect all the time, everywhere and are dramatically increasing the threat surface.
  • Access is provided and needed everywhere. Coffee shops, retail, hotels, remote offices, etc. These distributed, connected networks need security and management in a simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective way.

My stroke of luck was when my past experience and knowledge formed a great match for what OpenDNS was looking for to take things to the next level and they offered me the position of CTO.

One week into the job and I am even more excited than I was when I accepted the role. We are in the midst of expanding the executive team, building more great additions to the current product, and starting work on building the next great ones.

Stay tuned for more posts in the near future about how and why I believe the industry needs to change, as well as posts on disruptive new technology we are delivering to address those changes.

Editorial note: For more details about Dan Hubbard joining OpenDNS at CTO, read the announcement here.

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