The OpenDNS Domain Tagging Golden Ticket event is back and better than ever.  Not only are we hiding 25 new “Golden Tickets” in Domain Tagging during the month of March, but we’ve also made it easier than ever for you to get involved.  First, if you vote on any domains this month you have a chance to win awesome prizes.  Prizes include coveted OpenDNS apparel and a $100 gift card.  The more votes you cast, the greater your chances become of winning a prize. And thanks to the OpenDNS Domain Tagging Firefox Toolbar, casting more votes is easy.

The easiest way to improve your chances of unveiling a golden ticket is to use the OpenDNS Domain Tagging Toolbar for Firefox. Since we released the toolbar, we’ve been hearing tons of feedback from the community on how smooth and easy it makes the voting process. There’s no limit to the number of domains you vote on, so the more you vote the better your chances are of finding a winner. The best part about this contest: the more domains you help categorize, the safer you’re making the Internet for millions of families, schools and businesses around the world.

The fine print: The Golden Ticket contest starts today and ends officially on March 31. Winners will be notified via email after April 2, 2012.  Of course, you have to be logged into your account in order to vote and win. Each Golden Ticket can be discovered only once, by one person.

Good luck to all – I hope you win one!  And make sure you keep all won prizes away from that mean old Mr. Slugworth. 😀

A quick refresher on domain tagging:  The OpenDNS Domain Tagging system represents the best of people-powered security. Community members from around the world work together to efficiently and accurately categorize the Internet’s content so OpenDNS users can easily allow the sites they want on their networks, and block the ones they don’t. Join the tens of thousands of security researchers, academics, concerned parents and netizens in the OpenDNS community and get involved this month!

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