More than 1 in 3 U.S. K-12 public schools rely on OpenDNS to keep kids safe online. That’s a whopping 40,000 schools! And one thing nearly all of those schools have in common is that due to budget cuts and reduced resources, they’re all trying to do more with less. That’s why in today’s edition of Field Reports we want to introduce you to KIPP LA, a charter school network using Umbrella by OpenDNS as part of a strategy to stretch their limited budget and IT assets in order to powerfully serve under-resourced areas of Los Angeles.

KIPP LAAt first glance, it’s obvious that KIPP LA is using OpenDNS Enterprise to make the grade for CIPA compliance and ensure the schools receive E-Rate funding, which pays for more than 85% of the cost of high-speed Internet for their five (and counting) schools. But as we dig deeper, we see that the choice to switch to OpenDNS Enterprise has allowed the non-profit organization to do much more. That’s because OpenDNS Enterprise packs some additional resource-saving features that allow the KIPP LA team to more wisely use their budget and IT assets.

  1. Protection from malware, botnets and other Internet threats is built right in, so KIPP LA’s team can spend time that would have been used to clean up malware infections on more important projects.
  2. Cloud-based management means changes can be made from anywhere through a single Web-based dashboard, so teachers and administrators can count on their requests to be addressed right away and there’s no obstruction to the educational process.
  3. On-demand scalability keeps KIPP LA’s IT team at the head of the class as they continue to grow, since settings can easily be copied over for new networks, and all management remains centralized.

Matthew Peskay, Director of Technology for KIPP LA explains, “Thanks to Umbrella by OpenDNS, we are able to centralize management, minimize administrative overhead, avoid on-site hardware and most importantly, protect our students with a trusted solution. I’d definitely recommend it for other K-12 schools.”

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