Automotive dealerships face a particularly difficult task when it comes to improving network security. They often have multiple locations, are navigating the integration of legacy and new systems and they rarely have enough dedicated IT resources. In this edition of Field Reports we want to introduce one of the automotive dealerships using OpenDNS Enterprise for Web filtering, and talk a little bit about why they made the switch from Websense.
Thompsons Honda

Thompson’s Honda is an automotive group focused on providing top-tier customer service. However, they were weighed down by a Websense appliance that was expensive to manage and maintain and required more dedicated resources than the team could provide. Thompson’s Honda didn’t have a designated crew to handle network management and Internet security, so individual members were handling the task in addition to other responsibilities.

After a thorough search, the folks at Thompson’s Honda discovered that OpenDNS Enterprise is the ideal solution for organizations that have multiple locations but no dedicated IT team. Deploying OpenDNS Enterprise takes only a few minutes, management is minimal, and it instantly improves network security because protection against malware and botnets is built into the solution. Deploying OpenDNS Enterprise allowed their team to focus on efficient and informed sales and customer service instead of network management.

The team at Thompson’s Honda put Charles Frost at the helm of deploying OpenDNS Enterprise. He explains, “Internet security is very important to us, but we don’t have the resources for a full-time IT management team. OpenDNS freed our team from time-consuming and costly network management by giving us rock solid malware protection and Web filtering without requiring any software, appliances or servers to manage.” We’d say the Thompson’s Honda team gives other dealerships the green light on deploying OpenDNS Enterprise 🙂

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