Hospitality and retail brands have been flocking to OpenDNS Enterprise since it launched in 2009. Network Administrators for hotel and retail chains tell us their favorite feature of OpenDNS Enterprise is that it can be managed from anywhere, saving time and money on deployment and maintenance, and making it feel like there’s an extra person on their IT team.  In this edition of Field Reports, we wanted to take a closer look at why one savvy chain of luxury boutique hotels in Seattle chose OpenDNS Enterprise to more efficiently manage Web security at their four locations.
Columbia West Properties
Columbia West Properties operates hotels in Seattle’s most appealing hotspots: The Hotel Five in downtown Seattle, The Maxwell Hotel in the prestigious Queen Ann’s neighborhood, and The University Inn and The Watertown Hotel in the city’s University District. The popularity of the hotels contributed to a major concern for Columbia West’s IT team: conserving precious bandwidth and preventing access to unsavory Internet content was becoming an uphill battle. The IT team was stretched thin, using valuable resources to identify offensive or malicious sites and individually blacklisting them to ensure that hotel guests received the most optimal experience.

The small team couldn’t afford to spare the extensive time and work necessary to individually deploy appliances and perform the same time-consuming maintenance at four different hotel locations. OpenDNS Enterprise made it so they didn’t have to. First, because OpenDNS Enterprise solved multiple problems for the team, it prevented them from having to deploy a variety of different solutions, including appliances, software-based solutions, firewall modules and add-ons. Second, because all updates are delivered in real-time in the cloud, and changes can be instantly copied over to all networks Columbia West’s IT team manages, the team is able to use time that would have been spent managing deployments or updates focusing on more proactive IT projects.

The outstanding team who managed the deployment of OpenDNS Enterprise, explained: “Remote management makes our work so much easier. When I have filtering rules set for one property such as our University Inn hotel, I can easily copy them over to our other property, The Watertown hotel, with just the click of a button, even though I may be hours away from these hotels at the time”

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