A few months ago we shared with you a compelling statistic. OpenDNS is present on a whopping 50% of U.S. college campuses. As we continue our Field Reports series, we thought it would be a great time to take a look at why OpenDNS Enterprise is the choice of colleges and university network administrators.
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Like most colleges and universities, Southwestern Michigan College had minimal filtering needs. Aside from keeping the real unsavory aspects of the Web off of public workstations, the school’s real goal was preventing access to sites that hosted malware or other Internet threats. However, the school was paying a high price for Websense content filtering appliances and more bells and whistles than they could use. The community college with two campuses, hundreds of wired workstations, and countless student-owned Internet-connected devices wanted to add an extra layer of defense against today’s malicious Internet climate, but protecting student-owned devices wasn’t something they could do with their Websense appliances.

As Internet-connected devices continue to proliferate, it’s no longer uncommon for students to take notes on their laptops, iPads or even their Android phones. Because these devices are used both for work and for play, and roam off and back on to the school’s secure network, they are at a much higher-risk of malware infection. This makes the job of the school’s IT team — protecting the network from malware, and keeping students safe — much more difficult. That’s why the college’s IT team turned to OpenDNS Enterprise.

Aside from providing straightforward and easy-to-manage Web filtering, OpenDNS Enterprise is uniquely capable of both preventing access to sites that host malware, and ensuring devices that are already infected can’t communicate back to their online hosts.

The good folks who managed the set up of OpenDNS Enterprise for Southwestern Michigan College explained: “Our filtering requirements are minimal so we could no longer see the value in paying for a product like Websense. OpenDNS Enterprise not only meets our filtering needs in a straightforward way, it gives us an added layer of protection for our students by blocking malware. That makes it a much better value than anything we’ve used in the past.” You can read more about how Southwestern Michigan College is using OpenDNS Enterprise here.

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