We’ve been hearing some pretty exciting stories from our customers lately and (though we’d love to share them all with you) we’ve selected some of the most interesting to showcase right here on the blog. We’ll be sharing these unique use cases of OpenDNS Enterprise with you over the next few months in a new series we’re calling Field Reports.
Shafer's Tours

We couldn’t wait to share the story of Shafer’s Tours, which flexibly accommodates custom charters and tours for nearly-endless East Coast and Mid-Atlantic destinations. Operating more than a dozen luxury motor coaches, and serving a wide variety of groups that charter the buses and join the tours, the Safer’s Tours IT team was faced with an interesting challenge: How do you secure the Wi-Fi hotspot on a moving target? The team exhausted countless ideas for how they could conserve precious bandwidth onboard the buses, and prevent malware from being downloaded over the network, but they continued to encounter the same two issues: Installing appliances on every bus is cost prohibitive, and no adjustments or monitoring could be made to the network while the buses were in motion.

As luck would have it, Tim Watson, IT manager and safety director for Shafer’s Tours, was separately evaluating OpenDNS Enterprise for use on Shafer’s Tours corporate network. He quickly realized that the unique way OpenDNS Enterprise handles content filtering and malware protection makes it the ideal solution for securing his moving targets, too. In no time, his team was able to set up OpenDNS on both Shafer’s Tours’ corporate network and the individual WI-Fi hotspots for the buses without installing any appliances or provisioning any software. And, because OpenDNS Enterprise settings can be changed remotely, and updates are delivered in real-time in the cloud, they don’t have to worry about waiting for buses to return to home base to make changes.

Since setting up OpenDNS Enterprise, the Shafer Tours IT team hasn’t looked back. But don’t take our word for it. The Shafer’s Tours IT team tells us, “OpenDNS Enterprise is the only service that makes sense.” You can read more about how Shafer’s Tours is using OpenDNS here.

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