One of the best things about the OpenDNS Domain Tagging system is that it’s a community effort, and anyone who uses OpenDNS has the opportunity to get involved and make the Internet safer. Each day, the Domain Tagging Community is submitting, voting on and moderating thousands of domains into neatly organized categories. This makes it easier for parents, teachers, business owners and other OpenDNS users to get easy-to-use and comprehensive content filtering. You can read a quick synopsis of OpenDNS Domain Tagging here.

We’ve always tried to make the process of Domain Tagging so easy that anyone – from IT Pros to parents to academics – who wants to get involved can do so easily while committing as much or as little time a they’d like. And now we’ve taken that one step further.

Behold! The Domain Tagging Firefox Toolbar!

Until just recently, voting on domains was done by visiting the OpenDNS Domain Tagging community page.  Now, with the help of the Domain Tagging Firefox Toolbar, anyone can easily vote on domains on the fly!  The process is easy.

  1. Get the OpenDNS Domain Tagging Firefox Toolbar.
  2. Choose how you’d like to vote on domains. You can either tag the domain you’re currently visiting or you can get more involved by switching to “Random Domain” mode.
  3. Once you’re on the domain you’d like to tag, select from one of the 56 categories available from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click “Vote Yes.”
  5. Pro tip:  Clicking the “Auto-Cycle” checkbox will automatically take you to a new website to vote on once you cast your vote!

That’s all it takes to make the Internet safer! Once a domain gains enough votes, it moves its way into a separate queue where it is then reviewed and finalized by the OpenDNS team and our worldwide army of OpenDNS Domain Tagging Moderators.  The more votes you cast, the more you help to strengthen the OpenDNS Community and sharpen the content filtering blade.

It’s important that before you use the toolbar, you read through the category descriptions to make sure that you fully understand them and read through the toolbar info page for smooth sailing.

So come on down and cast some votes!  The more you vote, the more you help.  And the more you help, the stronger OpenDNS gets for 30+ million OpenDNS users around the world!

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