Gadgets proved especially popular in my family this past holiday season, as I’m sure it did for many others. My brother got an Xbox 360, while my mom loved her new Kindle Fire. Meanwhile, friends of mine around the office unwrapped their new iPads, Android tablets, and smartphones.

Some folks may be looking to add some parental controls to these devices: you might be looking to block adult content on your iPad if you got one for your family this season. I’m happy to report that, no matter what new Internet-connected device you added to your network this season, OpenDNS can protect it. Best of all, there’s no additional software to install, and it’s completely free. If you can use the device to surf the web, we can protect it while it’s connected to your home’s wi-fi network.

Of course, you’ll get the other benefits of OpenDNS’s Free Parental Controls too, regardless of whether or not you choose to enable Web filtering: phishing protection, and an overall safer, faster, smarter and more reliable connection. While I don’t need to set up any parental controls on my mom’s new tablet, I’m sure she’ll appreciate the added phishing protection. 🙂

To add parental controls to your iPad, iPhone, Wii, Kindle Fire, Android tablet, or other device on your home network, you just need to set up OpenDNS on your home router. If you already have, you should be seeing the benefits automatically, without any additional configuration. One small caveat, though: if you’re looking to add OpenDNS’s Free Parental Controls to your Amazon Kindle Fire, you’ll need to disable the accelerated Web browsing for it to work (but don’t worry — OpenDNS speeds up websites, too!).

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